Greetings, Tomb Believers!

We’re continuing our special WHAT IF? series this week, as we cover the multiversal TIMEQUAKE event from 1992. First, we wrap up the issues that introduce the various realities featured in the event: first, a world with a powerless Fantastic Four, followed by two possible timelines where Vision of the Avengers conquered the world. (We’re skipping over WHAT IF? vol 1 #24 because we already covered that one on our X-Vampires episode back in October 2022.) Finally, we arrive at part one of TIMEQUAKE itself! To that end, the reading list for this issue includes:

        • WHAT IF? vol 1 #36 – “What If the Fantastic Four Had Not Gained Their Superpowers?”
        • WHAT IF? vol 2 #19 – “What If…Vision of the Avengers Conquered the World?”
        • WHAT IF? vol 2 #35 – “What if…the Fantastic Five Fought Doctor Doom & Annihilus?” (Timequake part 1 of 5)

What horrors will the world face if the FF isn’t there to protect it? Who would possibly think putting Vision in charge of the world is a good idea? Didn’t Reed Richards of the Fantastic Five massacre a bunch of Atlanteans last episode? Tune in to hear the answers to all these questions, and more! As always, send us your comments, questions, or other feedback to [email protected]. Plus, you can find us via our Facebook page, our Instagram and Threads feeds, or even over at Bluesky!