Greetings, and welcome back to Horror Business. We have one awesome episode in store for you guys because we’re talking 1995’s Haunted School and 2009’s Occult.

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We start by talking about what we’ve done involving horror recently. Liam talks about There’s Something In The Barn, Divinity, and Civil Dead, as well as the comic Mortal Terror. Justin talks about the recent Netflix original Society Of The Snow and the series Blue Eye Samurai, as well as watching the premiere of True Detective: Night Country.

Up first is Haunted School. We give a brief plot summary and history of the film spawning a franchise. We talk about the concept of the yokai, as well as the Japanese tradition of having media about children solving some sort of paranormal/extraordinary threat. We discuss the concept of how even though some of the apparitions in the film are superficially silly they become legitimate frightening when taken in the proper context.

We talk about how despite being a kid’s movie it still feels like there was a legit danger to the children, and touch upon how the film resembles a Spielberg film in that it at times becomes genuinely frightening. We again talk about the history of Japanese films that are surreal and over the top in costume design to achieve a fantastic sort of horror, and how the film blends cute children and genuine horror.

Justin talks about the horror of the absurd and cartoonish, as well as concept of schools outside of normal hours feeling scary. The school itself as a character is touched upon, as is the idea of what happens after the credits roll in horror films. We briefly talk about how sometimes in horror films when practical effects fail to be utterly convincing, they become even scarier.

            Up next is Occult. We talk about how the film is at its heart essentially what Lovecraft was writing about (the unknowable nature of reality). Justin talks about the fatalism of the film and how much of the horror comes from the sense of an oncoming doom, as well as the upsetting ending.

Liam talks about how the movie didn’t really appeal to him despite being a fan of some of the directors’ other films, as well as how “found footage” films are hit or miss for him. We talk about another one of the director’s films, Noroi: The Curse and how that film hit harder for Liam than this one did, and dive into why that could be. Justin talks about how the concept of “what if all the unhinged shit a mentally unwell person is saying turns out to be true?” is genuinely unsettling, as well as the intrusion of the eerie and grotesque into the every day.

The way the film relates to extremism is touched upon, in that the idea of finding some supernatural truth doesn’t automatically guarantee you are morally correct in your actions in the name of that truth.

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