Greetings, and welcome back to Horror Business. We have one awesome episode in store for you guys, because we’re joined by Aimee and Carly from the always amazing Final Girls Horrorcast and we’re talking about 1992’s Braid Dead aka Dead Alive and 1994’s Brainscan!!!

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We start by talking about what we’ve done involving horror recently. Aimee talks about the film Impetigore and Follow, and Carly talks about seeing the film Synchronic and how CBS now has the back catalog of Are You Afraid Of The Dark? Justin and Liam talk about the film Psycho Goreman and the Disney Plus series Wandavision.

Up first is Brain Dead. We begin by talking about our first experiences with the film and how we learned about it, and we share how we first consumed the work of Peter Jackson. We briefly touch upon the arc of Jackson’s career, and how he’s moved from his horror roots while still maintaining a touch of the fantastic. We talk about how the film goes almost too overboard with the gore and doesn’t really know when to reel in the absurdity of the situation it’s presenting.

We dive into the idea of biological “zombie” films vs. Raimi-style demonic “zombie” films, and how this could go either way. We talk about how some of the film’s scenes are actually physically gag inducing and how few movies can really do that. We talk about how the film’s feeling of horror is eventually lost due to the overwhelming amount of gore towards the end, and how despite knowing restraint the filmmakers exercise very little of it throughout the film. We touch upon the filmmaker’s choice of making this a period piece set in the ‘50s, and how that may relate to colonial anxiety in New Zealand.

Up next is Brainscan. We begin with Justin talking about how as a kid the film genuinely frightened him and how ridiculous it is in hindsight. We talk about our initial experiences with the film, as Liam and Carly had never seen the film before watching it for the episode.

The weird career arc of Edward Furlong is touched upon, and we talk about how the Trickster character in this is a shitty rip-off of Howie Mandel in Little Monsters. Liam talks about how Furlong’s character is an archetypical proto-incel, and how that element is the worst part of the film. We talk about the film’s relationship to the Satanic Panic phenomenon and the film’s very “90s” brand of nihilism the film wallows in. We talk about how the film is largely ambiguous as to whether or not Trickster is real, and in the end actually contradicts itself. We talk about how the film embodies the strange grotesque attitude of the alternative music scene of the 90s and how it represents a “last gasp” of true weirdness before everything became purposefully bizarre and almost cartoonish.

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