Joseph A. Gervasi interviews the photographer Cynthia Connolly. We talk about Cynthia growing up in Los Angeles, CA and being drawn into the early punk scene. Cynthia and her sister wind up moving to Washington, DC in the early ’80s. There Cynthia become an active participant in the burgeoning hardcore punk scene. Cynthia designed the iconic “Out of Step” 12″ cover for Minor Threat. In the late ’80s she compiled, contributed photos to, and published the essential “Banned In DC” book, which she’s kept in print under her own imprint since then. We discuss the role of women in punk in contrast to the world of rock that preceded it, the bootlegging of her sheep art, working for MaximumRockNRoll magazine, the infamous SOA/Black Flag riot at the Starlight Ballroom in Philadelphia, and much more.

It should be noted that, as I state at the start of the interview, Cynthia is not a “Philly person,” and thus may seem to fall out of the scope of this project. Like some others I’ve spoken to for L!F!P! (e.g. Martin Sprouse [who comes up a few times in this interview], Mark Anderson, Neil Robinson, etc), I’ve elected to include these individuals in part because I feel their achievements have influenced the artistic/creative endeavors of Philadelphia folks (including me) and in part because I find them to be fascinating and inspiring individuals.

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