The Evil Eye is a podcast about goth movies. What exactly is a goth movie? Film writers Samm Deighan and Robert Skvarla are two old goths determined to answer that age old question by exploring various genres including horror, melodrama, and film noir. Each episode will dissect a film that fits the goth aesthetic and explore the music and culture in the year that film was released.

Did goths exist before the eighties? Same and Rob are looking for an answer in 1974’s Legacy of Satan, a movie about a couple of swingers looking for a good time at an aristocratic hippie bloody orgy. Dig on the groovy threads of the new age Satanists. Chill to the icy tones of the Moog freakout score. And try to follow along as Samm and Rob work through that most difficult of questions: were hippies goths?


Music Clips:
Bobby Beausoleil – “The Second” (off Lucifer Rising)
Bobby Beausoleil – “The First” (off Lucifer Rising)
David Bowie – “We Are the Dead” (off Diamond Dogs)
Nico – “Secret Side” (off The End)