Season 2, Episode 4 (originally released on March 01, 2018)

On this episode of the SLPS our heroes are taking a strange journey from the dinosaur filled prehistoric era all the way to the robot filled future. Yes, on this episode they’ll be discussing YOR, THE HUNTER FROM THE FUTURE. Directed by Antonio Margheriti under the pseudonym Anthony M. Dawson and written by Margheriti and Robert Bailey. Set before the dawn of time, strange savage beasts roam the land and cave people fight for survival. YOR is the mightiest hunter around but walks alone without a tribe. YOR’s origins are unknown, and the only clue he has it a mystical golden medallion that he’s had around his neck since he was a child. Yor sets on a quest of discovery along with two new companions, a priestess named Kala and her protector Pag to find where he fits in this world. YOR, THE HUNTER FROM THE FUTURE was by far the most successful film Margheriti directed but was critically panned by the likes of Variety, the New York Times and the Washington Post which claimed “Even gluttons for dumbness may find it easy to refrain from second helpings”. To top it all off, YOR was nominated for three Golden Raspberry Awards. However, that being said, the film lives on today with a strong cult following and even the director admits it’s not a great film, but he’s proud of it. As always, please rate, review and subscribe on your favorite podcast app as we really appreciate it.

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