We hope you brought your vulcan haircuts and white belts for this special San Diego focused episode of the illustrious and jovial CINEPUNX!!!

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Josh and Liam were given the unbelievable opportunity to interview director Bill Perrine whose new film, Its Gonna Blow!! San Diego’s Music Undergroud 1986-1996 played at PhilaMOCA on January 16th. It was awesome, expect a review from Liam soon.
We were joined by Joseph Gervasi of LOUD!FAST!PHILLY! and of course Exhumed Films and his brother Bull who you may know from Policy of Three and if you listened to our episode where we interview Joseph then you know both were instrumental members of the Cabbage Collective, without whom there would be no punk shows in Philly.



Not only did Joseph and Bull bring class and gravitas to our otherwise ridiculous dog and pony show, Joseph had the idea to try and make this interview happen in the first place so we owe him a giant thank you! We hope you enjoy this format as we have a few more interview coming up with Joseph and possibly Bull on board. YAY!!
We also of course want to extend our gratitude to Bill Perrine. He was gracious and understanding in answering our questions and really a patient interview subject all together. We are wacky dudes but he was a good sport. The film is great, and if you get a chance to see it or are interested in hosting a screening of it, we cannot recommend it enough. You can find him here


Ok, that was a lotta links!


Of course, we would be remiss not to say a huge thank you and endorsement to our sponsors FEDERAL DONUTS!
Being able to offer a guest who doesn’t know us at all delicious coffee and donuts is a huge bonus, so thanks ya’ll!!

This episode has our first experimentation with recording over the internet, and predictably, it sounds gross. However, it does not sound as gross as it COULD so that is great. The sound during the interview is a little iffy because there were not enough Mics for everyone and there was an excess of background noise. That being said, everything is fine, no major issues.

As always, thanks for listening, and please tell your friends and enemies about us!!


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  • Joseph A. Gervasi
    On January 23, 2015 8:05 am 0Likes

    My picks of the week, since you asked, are the two books I’m about to finish in the next day or two: “The Paying Guests” by Sarah Waters (which I’m listening to as a marvelously-read audio book) and “Becoming Richard Pryor” by Scott Saul. Both were published in the latter part of 2014. Both are, in their own ways, fantastic works.

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