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This episode come to you in some part because of friend of the cast Joe Hawk. Great guy who agreed to be our next guest on the show to discuss revenge films. Then schedules changed and snow fell and mail was late and all sorts of reasons. Point is, Joe had to reschedule as did we even if we wanted to use the internetz to make it happen. So, I was in Philly, Evan was free, and Josh was in a very cantankerous mood, and thus, magic is born.

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This episode is a bit unfocused and so we apologize for that, but it still makes some good listening. One of the things we like to do after a show is figure out all the factually inaccurate stuff we said during the show and post corrections here.

Not this week. This week, if you can catch us in a mistake, and post proof of how inaccurate we are, we will hook you up with a free t-shirt. No, really. So comment!

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Sound Notes: One of our Mics is a bit tinny producing a bit of an echo, but mostly sounds ok. We are planning to launch a campaign soon to change all that soon, so keep an eye out. I think that is all I got.

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    They have the three best players in attack, and Iniesta too.

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