The very first Twitch of the Death Nerve episode of 2022 was on a Godzilla movie, but we just had to include what you could call a kaiju-adjacent episode before the year was out. Charles, Jon, and Samm just love Ishirō Honda so much, which brings us to our latest discussion of Honda’s underrated and underseen Matango (1963). Though Honda is beloved for creating the Godzilla series and directing many of its best films, he also made other, eerier kinds of creature features.

We talk about how much we love him, his career more broadly, as well as some of his horror films, before diving into Matango. This sweaty, hallucinogenic tale of unlikely vacation companions shipwrecked on a nightmarish island is the ultimate summer movie — though possibly your summer might not involve mutated mushrooms, hallucinogens so powerful they can transform your very DNA, and a creepy, alien environment on par with some of the best sci-fi horror cinema.

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