Welcome back, Tomb Believers!


It was bound to happen eventually: You put two unwilling podcasters in a tomb with a supply of booze and comic books, and then have them record at a late hour.  You were bound to get the bit of scintillating silliness we’re calling TOMB OF IDEAS: AFTER DARK.


As for the four-color funny books our pickled presenters will discuss in this most special of special episodes, we proudly present the debut outing of one Mr. STEVE GERBER with:

Adventure into Fear #11 “Night of the Nether Spawn!” (December 1972)

And we continue the saga of everyone’s favorite blazing biker GHOST RIDER in:

Marvel Spotlight #7 “Die, Die, My Daughter!” (December 1972)


All this is to say, if you don’t dig this extremely experimental outing…don’t say we didn’t warn you. Drink responsibly, Tomb Believers, and as always…





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