Welcome back, Tomb-Believers!

Trey and James return from their brief excursion last episode to bring you a whole new trio of terror with three torrid tales straight from the legendary Marvel Bullpen of July 1973:

First up, we meet everyone’s favorite daywalker. That’s right, it’s BLADE, THE VAMPIRE HUNTER in TOMB OF DRACULA #10, “His Name is… BLADE!,”


Next we have a savage tale of sutures and snow in MONSTER OF FRANKENSTEIN #4 with “Death of the Monster!,”


Finally, we return to the circus with Jack Russell and company in WEREWOLF BY NIGHT #7 and the “Ritual of Blood!,”

So strap on your favorite bandolier of wooden knives and click play on your podcatcher of choice, Tomb-Believers, as you listen to the greatest audio achievement of the last 14 days!

…Well, would you believe 14 hours? …How about minutes?







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