Frank Blank Moriarty/September 9, 2013

Joseph A. Gervasi interviews longstanding member of the Philadelphia underground music community Frank Blank Moriarty. Frank takes his “Frank Blank” name from Brian Eno’s first solo album, Here Come the Warm Jets (1973). Frank grew up a rock kid, seeing Jimi Hendrix from the sixth row while standing on a chair beside a beautiful blonde hippie girl. Throughout the late ’60s and ’70s, Frank saw the greatest bands ever performing live in Philadelphia. In 1977 he heard the Sex Pistols Never Mind the Bollocks LP and fell in love with them and the burgeoning punk scene, especially bands like The Ramones and The Clash, both of whom he saw early on in their careers. Frank tells a great story of meeting The Clash and how that got him playing guitar. From putting on shows at clubs in Philly in the late ’70s and early ’80s to playing with politically charged punk band Informed Sources, Frank was an enthusiastic member of the early DIY scene in this city. In later years, he went on to play and record in many styles of music, including a metal concept album about UFOs. Among many stories that will be of interest to L!F!P! listeners, you will hear Frank talk about two of Philly’s most infamous punk riots: the Black Flag and Dead Kennedys shows. Recently he played guitar on “White Rabbit” during the two Ruin reunion shows. Frank writes non-fiction books about rock music, NASCAR, and other subjects. Frank’s a man of great cheer and vitality, which makes this 91 minutes an absolute pleasure to listen to. As well, Frank gains extra points by not only never adopting the “Year Zero” mentality that some punks put on, but he also admits to loving progressive rock, a favorite form of music of your humble interviewer. (Addendum: Frank has provided some notes on his interview in the blog section of this site. The direct link is here.)

Frank Blank Moriarty’s Music Including Informed Sources





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