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We start by talking about what we’ve done involving horror recently. We discuss the recent MonsterVerse jawn Godzilla Vs. Kong, and Liam discusses the films Honeydew and Violation. We also discuss the newest episodes of the Amazon series Invincible.

Up first is Don’t Panic. Justin opens by admitting that upon the first watch he didn’t enjoy the film but on a rewatch came to appreciate the film for what it was.

We discuss the quasi-giallo feel of the film, and how the film could’ve been great if it leaned a little harder on that aspect and lightened up on some of the supernatural aspects of it.

We give a brief history of the directors’ work and background. Liam talks about an interview with the director in which they discuss the untutored nature of their film education, and how they believe that horror films can be ‘too scary’ and how that will take away from the fun of the film, and that is why this film has somewhat of a lighthearted tone at times.

We dive further into the concept of a horror film being too frightening, and Justin talks about the closer to the threshold of being too scary a film is, the more rewarding it is but it can cross a line. We discuss how the film made waves in the Mexican film criticism circles for being too frightening and how in hindsight it seems somewhat silly.

We conclude by discussing what we enjoyed about the film and some of the things that didn’t land with us.

Up next is Dream Demon. We open up by giving a brief outline of the film’s plot and talk about how the film feels very period appropriate. We briefly touch upon the debate as to whether or not this is a horror film proper, and land on the idea that it is indeed a horror film.

We talk about some of the surreal and haunting imagery of the film, and how it’s full of terror and atmosphere. We discuss how the film has some similarities to the work of Clive Barker.

The idea of the film having two distinct sources of horror is touched upon, and how that was something of an unorthodox approach to horror films. We talk about how the film plays with audience expectation, religious imagery and dream logic to create something distinct from its colleagues.

The fantasy/fairy tale aspect of it is discussed. We conclude by humorously discuss the career of actor Timothy Spall.

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