HORROR BUSINESS Episode 46: Our EVIL DEAD-isode Featuring John Wren

Greetings, and welcome back to Horror Business. We have one awesome episode in store for you guys. On this episode we’re discussing Sam Raimi’s EVIL DEAD franchise and we’re joined by fellow Cinepunk and all around hooligan John Wren from The Mandate podcast.

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We start by talking about what we’ve seen or done lately in the field of horror. Liam talks about seeing Flesh For Frankenstein and Blood For Dracula at an Exhumed Films event Philly, the Castle Rock series, John talks about The Meg, and Justin talks about seeing Pyewacket and Wildling.

We of course begin with how we first came to see The Evil Dead when we were younger. We talk about the weird remake qualities of Evil Dead II, and how that film is responsible for many people thinking that Evil Dead is something of a comedy.

The concept of having to kill your friends after they become something other than human beings is discussed at length. The discovery of Army Of Darkness being connected to The Evil Dead is talked about, as is the process of Evil Dead II being made with a strange opening that rehashes the first film.

The literal nightmarish qualities of the ending of the first film are dissected, in that the shortcomings of the practical effects actually lend a very grotesque look to the finished product.

The development of Ash Williams throughout the franchise from scared college kid to swaggering dopey badass is discussed at length. The politics and behind the scene drama of Ash Vs. Evil Dead is talked about, as is the damage done to him as a human being by the things he’s witnessed since going to the cabin for the first time.

The show’s third season perfecting the feel of Ash as a culmination of all of the films is discussed. The show’s abrupt ending is touched upon and how even though it felt abrupt it still felt appropriate. Lucy Lawless’ central role in the show is touched upon. We briefly talk about the 2013 remake, remakes in general, how the first film and Phantasm are masterpieces of independent filmmaking, and conclude the discussion by talking about how the franchise is arguably pound for pound the greatest horror franchise of all time.

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