Greetings and welcome back to Horror Business. We have one awesome episode in store for you guys. In this episode we’re talking about two films involving missionary killers: 1975’s PROFONDO ROSSO and 1987’s STAGEFRIGHT, and we’re joined by very special guest Dean Kapsalis, writer and director of our favorite film of the year THE SWERVE.

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We start by briefly discussing what we’ve done lately involving horror. Dean talks about seeing the films Gretel & Hansel, Underwater, Wounds, and The Lodge. Liam talks about rewatching The Fog, and Justin talks about seeing Horse Girl and After Midnight

Up first is Profondo Rosso. Dean opens up the conversation by talking about his background with this movie, calling it both the masterpiece of Argento’s filmography and the greatest giallo of all time.

We briefly discuss Argento’s pre-Suspiria filmography. Dean talks about how, as a director, he believes that first scenes are everything. Comparisons to an earlier Italian film (Blow-Up) are made. Justin talks about how this movie is the archetypical giallo film, and how absolutely violent and brutal the kills were.

The vague supernatural touches of the film are discussed, as is the films actually successful red herring. Liam talks about how this film is Argento’s “transition” away from giallo and into more supernatural films. The gender issues of the film are touched upon, as are Argento’s impact upon the genre in that he set out to make “the giallo that ends all giallos”.

The political history of Italy is discussed to give context for some of the nationalistic imagery in the film.

Up next is Stagefright. We begin by talking about the various connections the filmmakers of this film had with various other films in the Italian horror realm.

Dean explains why he chose the film, and Justin goes on a tangent about why he’s afraid of owls. Some of the more stylized and creative kills of the movie are dissected, as is the films tendency to “break the rules” of slasher films.

The concept of the film existing as a critique of the film industry is discussed.

The believability of the nature of the killer is touched upon, as is the soundtrack and how it fits the time period perfectly.

The killer’s habits of posing his victims after killing them and how that makes him even more realistic is touched upon, as are some of the more surreal moments of the film.

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