HORROR BUSINESS EPISODE 42: Avoid The Oids (Inseminoid & Creepazoids)

Greetings, and welcome back to Horror Business. We have one awesome episode in store for you guys. On this episode we’re discussing two films dealing with those pesky Oids: 1982’s Inseminoid and 1987’s Creepazoids.

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We start by talking about what we’ve seen or done lately in the field of horror. We have a brief discussion on the recent Childish Gambino video “This Is America” and how some of visuals in the video are undeniably horrific. We follow this by having a brief discussion of the recent trailer for Revenge, in which misogynistic comments made by male YouTube members were used to promote the movie. We discuss the upcoming release of Hereditary. Liam talks about his befuddlement at people enjoying further installments in the The Conjuring cinematic universe, and touches upon subscribing to the new Fangoria service. Justin talks about finally seeing Resolution in anticipation of seeing The Endless but ultimately failing to see the latter due to GPS mishaps. Liam talks about attending Exhumed Film’s Ex-Fest in Philly.

First up is Inseminoid. We begin by talking about how this movie is essentially an attempt to cash in on the success of Alien. We give a brief plot outline of the movie. Justin talks about his unease with a movie that has as its villain a woman who is the victim of sexual assault.

There is a discussion about how the story of the movie is affected by the budget available and how that is quite clear in the look of the movie. The idea of an ‘earnestly made bad movie’ is touched upon briefly. Liam points out that the film’s lack of a villain is the reason the movie leans so hard in to Judy Geeson being the bad guy and ultimately falling short in doing so.

Liam and Justin have a brief verbal scuffle on the matter of Lifeforce and British horror. The performance of some of the actors is discussed, in that they’re fine but not amazing. Liam discusses how the film looks, and weird lack of weapons in British horror films is discussed. We talk about the rushed production and the strange scene involving the baby Inseminoids.

Next we talk about Creepazoids. We briefly discuss the career of director David DeCoteau and give an outline of the movie. The shoddy production value of the film is discussed. The gaps in the plot outline, very bad acting, and terrible set design are discussed.

We talk about the creature’s lack of motivation, in that it’s not quite clear what the creature’s purpose is. We talk about the film’s jocking of other films such as Evil Dead and Alien. The plodding nature of the film and it’s horrible pacing is discussed, as is the flat archetypical characters. The history of horror movies copying big budget films at the time is discussed.

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