Greetings, and welcome back to Horror Business. We have one awesome episode in store for you guys because we’re talking 2021’s Malignant and 2022’s Barbarian and we’re joined by Brendan Foley of the Black Sun Dispatches podcast!

We start by talking about some of the stuff involving horror recently. Brendan talks about seeing the films Mimic, Practical Magic, The Beast Must Die, Deadstream, Watcher, and Hush, as well as the Showtime series Yellowjackets and the Disney + special Werewolf By Night. Liam discusses seeing the films Who Invited Them?, the new Hellraiser, and rewatching Inferno and Kingdom Of The Spiders. Justin talks about attending the virtual event Fantastic Fest @ Home, as well as the films Skyman, Hellraiser, Infrared, Grimcutty, and Terrifier 2.

            We start with Malignant. Brendan talks about how manic and frantic the film is immediately out of the gate and how it keeps that energy up the entire time.

Justin discusses seeing the film for the first time in LA on vacation and how upsetting the character Gabriel is, and how the film really does swing for the fences when it comes to imagery.

We discuss Wan’s attempt at creating a dreamlike atmosphere, the controversy over whether the film is a giallo. Liam argues that the film veers too hard into the action realm to be considered a true giallo and how he found the lead actors performance a little overwhelming, and how even though he wasn’t as excited about the film upon rewatch he still enjoyed it.

Brendan talks about how the film is very evocative of ‘90s and ‘00s horror films due to its creator, and how it’s a bit unorthodox in that most of the main characters survive due to Wan’s tendency to make “nice” horror films.

            Up next is Barbarian. We begin by talking about how the film expertly subverted expectations on Bill Skarsgard’s character. Liam talks about how the director’s background in comedy is apparent in this subversion, as well as the way the film abruptly shifts tone between the first and second acts.

We discuss the way the film portrays police in an inner city setting and lead characters’ surprise and disgust at their inaction. Brendan discusses how once the audience is let in on what is “happening” in the house, it essentially becomes The People Under The Stairs and how the film’s originality lies in subverting expectations.

Justin discusses how upsetting Richard Brake’s brief role in the film was, in that he was quite realistically depicting someone utterly detached from humanity and how that aspect of the film has somewhat been lost in the discussion.

We talk about how Justin Long is the true villain of the film due to his awareness of how reprehensible his behavior is, as opposed to The Mother, who’s behavior is entirely instinct driven and isn’t necessarily malicious.

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