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We start by talking about some of the stuff involving horror recently. Liam talks about a few of the films he caught at the recent Chattanooga Film Festival, including the documentary Woodlands Dark And Days Bewitched, and the film An Ideal Host, as well as Cruella. Justin talks about seeing the films Dimland, Son, Kandisha, He’s Dead And So Am I, Everyone Is Going To The World’s Fair, Night Drive and Bloodshot Heart, as well as the found footage gem Savageland.  

           We start with Demon Seed. We give a brief background on how we discovered the film, including how Justin would see the poster at video stores and then finding out it was based on a Dean Koontz novel. We talk about the film’s distinctly British feel, in that it feels more like a BBC drama more than anything else.

We give a brief outline of the film’s plot, and Liam talks about how despite enjoying the look and feel of the film, he found the underlying misogyny unbearable.

We talk about the film’s inconsistency in portraying a supercomputer that is so smart it’s aware it’s “trapped in a box” all the while acting in ways that are utterly human (displaying jealousy and possessiveness and a generally toxically masculine attitude) and Liam argues that the film’s thesis is “if a computer becomes smart enough it will want to abuse women” because of course that’s how the attitude of men towards women was in the ‘70s.

We briefly talk about how even though Skynet commits atrocities far worse than Proteus in this film, Skynet’s actions are at least logically consistent with how a machine would act, instead of acting like a petty child. Justin talks about how the film (unintentionally) makes a solid argument that Proteus can be considered an actual person based on its’ weirdly irrational and un-computer like tendencies.

Up next is Deadly Friend. We give a brief outline of the film. Justin talks about how the film deviates slightly from the formula of “dead person brought back to life” movie in that much of the horror is derived from the question of whether Paul, the main character, had any right to bring his late friend Sam back to life.

We talk about the mixed motives of the character, be they scientific arrogance or horniness on Paul’s part, and less a sense of personal responsibility.

We talk about the weird mixed tone of the movie, in that at times it has almost Spielbergian vibes to it until it becomes a horror movie. We discuss how the film tries to use parental abuse as a source of horror and instead falls back entirely on gore to convey that sense of horror.

We conclude with talking about the absurdity of the ending in which Sam becomes a full-blown robot somehow.

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