The Evil Eye is a podcast about goth movies. What exactly is a goth movie? Writers Samm Deighan and Robert Skvarla are two old goths determined to answer that age old question by exploring various genres including horror, melodrama, and film noir. Each episode will dissect a film that fits the goth aesthetic and explore the music and culture in the year that film was released.

The time has come for us to finally discuss the greatest goth movie of all time, Turbulence 3: Heavy Metal (2001). This is a movie about a Marilyn Manson rip off playing his final show on an airplane (seriously) to a number of lucky fans… until the plane is hijacked by satanic terrorists who want to usher in the apocalypse! Naturally, the only thing standing between humanity and total destruction is a super hacker, who is forced to team up with a sexy FBI agent determined to arrest him. If you’ve never seen or heard of this movie, all we can say is YOU’RE WELCOME.


Slade Craven – “Razor Electric” (from Turbulence 3: Heavy Metal)

Kevin MacLeod – “Anxiety

DJ Wiliams – “Nemesis in Franklin Park”

Faith and the Muse – “Hollow Hills” (off Vera Causa)

Ours – “Sometimes” (off Distorted Lullabies)

HIDE – “Raw Dream” (off Hell is Here)