CINEPUNX Episode 89: LADY SNOWBLOOD For Our Winter-Spectacular


Yes, your favorite degenerates of the cinema are back with a WINTER SPECTACULAR episode! What could be more Yule-tide appropriate than both of the Lady Snowblood Films?? Well maybe a few things, but these at least have “snow” in the name!

Best to address the gorilla in the room right up front:

YES, THIS EPISODE HAS SOUND ISSUES! This was a recording issue, mine actually, and our intrepid editor tried valiantly to restore the sound to something tolerable, and while he did a great job, you will notice an issue. Apologies.

Alas, it is of no matter, because this episode is REALLY REALLY REALLY GREAT!! We go in pretty deep on Lady Snowblood and Lady Snowblood: Love Song of Vengeance. 

Of course there are the usual gimmicks including our world famous WACK AND ON TRACK segment.


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