Welcome to the city beneath the black sun. Lost in a dark world, surrounded by an endless desert filled with countless threats, the citizens still standing are forced to make a life for themselves in a strange and hostile land where terror and wonder wait behind every corner.

All through her life, Maria’s greenhouse has been her safe place, somewhere she can retreat from the trials and tribulations of a hectic city life.

But no place is safe when the black sun shines overhead.

And so Maria is going to step into her greenhouse like she has time and time again. But this time, something has gone wrong. This time, what she finds is not a garden but a forest, a forest that exists beyond the rational, beyond the sane.

And the forest is alive…and awake.

For news, updates, and other weirdness, you can follow us on Twitter at @BlackSunShow. And a huge thank you to the entire Cinepunx team for making the show possible!

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