Don’t touch that dial, Tomb Believers!

We’re turning up the heat on our Inferno coverage thanks to special guest Jack Rudo of Stapled Spine! Not only does he join in on our discussion of this week’s comics, but in true DJ fashion he has picked out a song to go with each book! The issues for this week are:

        • AVENGERS #299
        • AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #312
        • X-FACTOR #36
        • UNCANNY X-MEN #240
        • POWER PACK #42

This week has a little bit of everything – plenty of mutant action, more McFarlane Spider on Goblin action, the beginning of possibly the weirdest Avengers run, and our first ever look at an issue of Power Pack! As always, you can send any comments, questions, or other feedback to [email protected]. Plus, be sure to follow us on our Facebook page, on Twitter @TombofIdeas, and now on Instagram @tombofideas!