Season 7, Episode 10 (originally released on July 22nd, 2023)

On today’s episode of the Shame List Picture Show Michael is joined by Kyle Arpke to discuss both Tony Scott’s TOP GUN (1986) and Joseph Kosinski’s TOP GUN: MAVERICK (2022). Our guest, Kyle Arpke, has been on the show before and is one of Michael’s closest friends. On top of that, he’s a filmmaker, documentarian, Star Wars lover, and a very accomplished wildlife photographer. TOP GUN has been one of the most requested films since starting the podcast as Michael had never seen it, and with TOP GUN: MAVERICK having set the box office on fire in 2022, this felt like the best time to finally cross both films off the shame list. Topics discussed on this episode include the use of nostalgia to sell a movie; using a sequel to add context to a previous film: spectacle vs substance; and if a movie about war is pro-war or anti-war.

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