Greetings, Tomb Believers!

We’re continuing with the second installment of our summer(ish) event covering all of the 1988-89 X-Men storyline INFERNO. This week we are joined by noted X-Men fan and Cinepunx Pod-Daddy Liam O’Donnell! He’s here to help us get through a bunch of Marvel comics that are surprisingly light on X-Men:

      • X-TERMINATORS #1 & #2
      • AVENGERS #298
      • DAREDEVIL 262

Along with the expected mutants vs goblins action, we’ve got some Todd McFarlane Spidey art, Daredevil fighting a vacuum cleaner, and Jarvis confronting a killer robot! To hear more of Liam talking about movies, music, and other pop culture, make sure to check out Cinepunx, Horror Business, and Cinema Smorgasbord – but of course if you’re here you already knew that, right?

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