Welcome back, Tomb Believers!


Despite the explosive events of last episode, this special on-the-road episode of TOMB OF IDEAS has much of what you’ve come to expect from our audacious audio accomplishments:


  1. A review of a horrifying Marvel Mag (specifically DRACULA LIVES #2)? ☑
  2. A discussion of JOE BOB BRIGGS one-man-show “HOW REDNECKS SAVED HOLLYWOOD” that goes off on weird tangents?
  3. Podcasters bursting into song?
  4. An EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with former MARVEL Editor-in-Chief and writer ROY THOMAS!?


Alright, so maybe it isn’t so ordinary, but we wouldn’t want you (our loyal listeners) accusing us of tooting our own horn, now would we?


Until next time killers and kittens,






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