Greetings, and welcome back to Horror Business. We have one awesome episode in store for you guys. In this episode, we’re talking about 2017’s Satan’s Slaves and 2018’s Don’t Leave Home, both Shudder exclusives.

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We start by briefly discussing the concept of spoiler culture and then discuss what we’ve done recently involving horror. Liam talks about catching a recent screening of Knife + Heart and Justin talks about attending Monsterpalooza in Los Angeles, meeting Carly and Amy from the Final Girls podcast, and we the both talk about seeing the remake of Pet Sematary.

We begin by talking about Satan’s Slaves. We give a brief plot outline of the movie, and Justin talks about how the movie is very successful in setting up an atmosphere of terror and eeriness.

Liam discusses how the film, given its proximity to East Asia (the film itself is Indonesian), is very reminiscent of some Asian horror films and modern horror films as well, in addition to some horror films of the ’70s. We discuss how a turn in the third act changes much of the film’s mood retroactively.

We discuss how much of the movie feels somewhat disjointed and disconnected. The cohesion of the family unit is touched up, and some of the creepier scenes are discussed.

The film’s uniqueness in being a religiously themed horror film that doesn’t fall into many of the tropes other religious horror films fall prey to is touched upon.

Next up is Don’t Leave Home. We begin by giving a brief outline of the film, and spend much of the time discussing the concept of colonization as a source of horror.

The phenomenon of pastoral horror is explained and discussed. The film as a fairy tale is touched upon, and how that fairy tale is a metaphor for Ireland’s relationship with England.

The film’s decision to avoid religious tropes in a movie that delves lightly into religion is discussed, as are some of the performances of the actors in the film.

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