Getting this one in under the wire, Tomb Believers!

But have no fear, because we have a BLOCKBUSTER of audio awesomeness for your eager ears

In this extra-long episode we discuss three proud products of April 1973 with

Fear #13, “Where Worlds Collide!”, 


Marvel Spotlight #9, “The Snakes Crawl at Night..”

And debuting in the episode, the first of Marvel’s fabled magazine line we’re coming on the show, DRACULA LIVES #1

If all this wasn’t enough to set the old blood pumping, we also have James & Trey sharing their thoughts on the latest Marvel Cinematic juggarnaut (no, not that one), Captain Marvel, at the beginning and end of the show, and James shows us just a bit of his skills as a prophet (you’ll have listen to the episode to hear what we’re talking about).

Anyway, cats, kittens, and cadavers, if doesn’t warrant an extra long episode, I don’t know what does! Until next time…





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Original Artwork by Carl Howard.


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