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We’re diving back into 1970s Marvel Comics this week, specifically looking at comics featuring the pulp adventure character (and prototype for modern superheroes everywhere) Doc Savage. From 1972 to 1977, Marvel held a license to produce comic books featuring the Man of Bronze and his Fabulous Five companions. This week we’re looking at a pair of issues from 1972 adapting the classic Doc Savage novel DEATH IN SILVER from 1934, as well as a crossover issue in which Doc Savage teams up with Spider-Man (well, sort of. If you squint.). Our issues for this episode are:

      • DOC SAVAGE Vol 1 #2 – “Master of the Red Death”
      • DOC SAVAGE Vol 1 #3 – “Death in Silver!”
      • GIANT-SIZE SPIDER-MAN Vol 1 #3 – “The Yesterday Connection”

Joining us for our discussion (because two of the three issues were his picks) is returning guest and friend of the show David Avallone! David has written multiple comics starring Elvira, Mistress of the Dark – most recently ELVIRA MEETS H. P. LOVECRAFT. He is also the co-creator (along with Kevin Eastman) of the Image Comics book DRAWING BLOOD, and has written comics featuring Bettie Page, The Shadow, and more. Especially relevant to this episode, David also wrote the Dynamite comics miniseries DOC SAVAGE: THE RING OF FIRE!

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