Greetings, and welcome back to Horror Business. We have one awesome episode in store for you guys because we’re talking about 1990’s Frankenhooker and 2008’s Deadgirl.

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We start by talking about what we’ve done involving horror recently. We talk about Enys Men, the Dead Ringers series, Star Wars: Rebels, Justin talks about the recent West Coast road trip and reading Adam Nevill’s Some Will Not Sleep, as well as hanging out with Carly from the Final Girls Horrorcast in LA and fellow Cinepunk Evan Vallela in Portland, as well as attending the McMinnville UFO Festival.

Up first is Frankenhooker. Justin talks about how it didn’t hit the same way that Henenlotter’s previous work did, due to mostly a lack of any sort of deeper messaging and a sort of “try hard” attitude on Henenlotter’s part. We discuss the concept of the film as a possible work of feminism, even if Henenlotter wasn’t intending to do so.

The film’s deliberate skewering of the toxic nice guy persona is discussed, as is Henenlotter’s purposeful inclusion of a sequence in which an activist argues for protection of sex workers in the film.

Henenlotter’s pride in NYC is touched upon briefly, as is the “conspiracy theory” of the deliberate introduction of crack cocaine by the US government into inner city America in the early ‘80s.

We talk about the mediocre nature of the final monster in the end as compared to Henenlotter’s other work. We talk about the tragic concept of Jeffrey’s view of sex workers (he’s doing them a favor by murdering them because their lives don’t matter) and how it’s not far from how serial killers view sex workers, as well as his overall disgusting view of women in general.

            Up next is Deadgirl. Justin talks about the first time he saw the film, and how in theory the film is very interesting but in execution it’s sort of clumsy. The film’s intent to critique the objectification of women vs. its actual placing of the main female character as a human macguffin is discussed.

Liam talks about his issues with the script and the pacing, and how he feels the wrong actor was chosen as the main character and how the only actor with any talent (Noah Segan) is a secondary and poorly written character. We talk about how the movie has no character that is likeable or relatable and that might not be intentional.

We talk about the film’s unsavory marketing campaign that cast the central theme (objectification of women) in a very bad light. We again talk about the film’s noble intent but ultimate failure to achieve its goal.

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