Greetings loyal Cinepunkers! Welcome to our special, recorded on location, episode of CINEPUNX! We set up outside at the greatest hardcore fest in North America to speak with you, the moshing public, about some of your favorite movies. In the process we had some great conversations, but we also had some sound issues. It was a fly by night set up, so, it does not always sound stellar. Apologies for that. Below we have compiled a list of all the people we talked to for the most part. After each interview we asked people to give us their name and email. Well, some of your handwriting is hard to read, so if we got your name wrong, sorry! Josh tried his best transposing yall’s chicken scratch. In the process we got members of some awesome bands, cool people hanging a the show, and even Wild Steve so wow, that was weird. Much thanks to everyone we talked to, whether you were taking time away from moshing, your band, or working a table, we really appreciate the level of engagement people were willing to have with us.  Unfortunately, due to sound issues, we had to cut one interview, and so I want to share it with you. Friend of the show and all around trouble maker Brian Yan shared that the first film that touched him was Song of The South. I am pretty sure he was kidding, as is his way, but I also didn’t want anyone to think we cut it to avoid controversy. It simply sounded unlistenable. I also cut a LONG section where Josh interviewed me about the fest. That was cut simply because I sound like a whiny idiot in it. I was tired after a long, long fest, and feeling frustrated and I let that frustration shine through. Dumb. Otherwise, no one was edited for content (I did cut some pauses out for time) and here we present yall’s raw opinions on film and music. ENJOY AND THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO PARTICIPATED!!!!

1. Chris x
2. Nancy Pinups for Pitbulls
3. Zach
4. Wild Steve
5. Evan Vellela
6. Brian Murray
7. Brittany
8. Laura
9. Andrew Timms
10. Vince Spina
11. Mike
12. Jacob b.
13. Mary P.
14. Max D.
15. Chris Pigao
16. Jimmie Harvey
17. Don Angelini
18. Jonathan Lo
19. Nick Hankins
20. Christian Cribb
21. Grace Ryung Kim
22. Joshua
23. Arvin
24. Klint Kanopka
25. Tim Sullivan
26. Felix Chang
27. Justin Ogden
28. Dan
29. Jim Mcgourn
30. Justin Demartine
31. Devin Miller
32. Alex
33. Walter
34. Madi
35. Katharine
36. Rambo Choe
37. Kyle Daly
38. Vinay Arin
39. Bruce Motherfuckin Park
40. Davin Bernard
41. Joe Goldman
42. Joe Constantino
43. Jon Martello
44. Mark Beemer
45. Terri Waters
46. Cece Ponce
47. Sarah Potter
48. Sara Hubbard
49. Brent Lafferty
50. Jeffrey Ziga


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