Season 7, Episode 11 (Originally Released on August 6th, 2023)

On today’s episode of the Shame List Picture Show Michael is joined by fellow podcaster and Youtube personality Mark “The Movie Man” Krawczyk. Mark’s podcast, the Spoiler Room, can be found wherever you enjoy podcasts and we’re so happy to have him on this episode. On today’s episode, Michael and Mark discuss the film that put Nicolas Winding Refn on the map — DRIVE. While DRIVE is far from Refn’s first film or his first success, it is the film that made him known on a whole larger level and is probably his biggest mainstream success to date. On this episode we discuss such topics as the merits of arthouse cinema; balancing “too much” vs “too little” in terms of storytelling and exposition; what makes a film “poetic”; and much much more.

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