Season 2, Episode 13 (originally released on September 07, 2018)

Opening the show will be a brief message from one of our hosts, Nick Richards. Then, Michael Viers sits down with one of his oldest filmmaking buddies, Kyle Arpke! On Today’s episode we’ll be discussing Steven Spielberg’s first feature film, the made-for-TV movie DUEL. Produced in 1971 for ABC’s Movie of the Week, DUEL tells the harrowing tale of a drive through the desert gone awry. David Mann is a middle-aged, meek salesman on his way to handle some business. His leisure drive becomes stressful once he finds himself behind a larger tanker truck. Not wanting to be late, Mann passes the truck and thus begins a cat-and-mouse tale that pits man versus machine. It begins harmless with Mann and the truck casually (and not so casually) passing each other, but as Mann’s stress rises, so do the stakes. The truck is obviously not going to let these indiscretions go, and the film becomes a high speed thriller about one persons will to survive a truck that wants him off the road. The film was written by Richard Matheson based on his story by the same name which was originally published in Playboy Magazine. The film was thrilling and was considered one of the best TV movies ever made and helped put Spielberg on the map as a film director. The film was photographed by Jack A. Marta, scored by Billy Goldenberg and stars Dennis Weaver as David Mann and a supporting cast that features Jacqueline Scott, Eddie Firestone and Lucille Benson. You can follow Kyle Arpke at @TheKarp14 on Instagram and on Facebook. You can follow Michael Viers at @Michael_Viers on Instagram and on Facebook. Also new is that the show is officially on IG as well at @shamelistpictureshow
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