Hello and welcome to The Carnage Report, where we bring you the latest on all things horror-related, keeping you up to date with news you can use. Hosted by Julie Holland and Nick Spacek, this part of the Cinepunx family looks to fill a hole in your podcast feed by looking at new releases in the theaters, on-demand, and streaming, and featuring an in-depth discussion of a new release each episode.

On this episode of the podcast, Julie and Nick conclude their holiday horror series by talking Tyler MacIntire’s Christmas slasher meets alternate timeline flick It’s a Wonderful Knife, now on Shudder. Plus, the pair recommend you go watch some timey-wimey weirdness and discuss trailers galore for Destroy All Neighbors, Founder’s Day, Handling the Undead, and more. Plus, Julie and Nick talk the choices which would’ve changed their lives.

Music by Steve Spacek, who you can find on Instagram @starlingwoodworks and on Bandcamp.

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