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The Carnage Report Episode 45: It’s a Wonderful Knife

On this episode of the podcast, Julie and Nick conclude their holiday horror series by talking Tyler MacIntire’s Christmas slasher meets alternate timeline flick It’s a Wonderful Knife, now on Shudder. Plus, the pair recommend you go watch some timey-wimey weirdness and discuss trailers galore for Destroy All Neighbors, Founder’s Day, Handling the Undead, and more. Plus, Julie and Nick talk the choices which would’ve changed their lives.

The Carnage Report Episode 43: Thanksgiving

On this surprise holiday episode of the podcast, Julie and Nick talk about holiday slasher Thanksgiving, directed by Eli Roth, in theaters now, just in time for your drive to your family’s house. In addition to what they think about the film, the pair recommend you go watch some Turkey Day movies and discuss the announcement of Monkeypaw Productions’ The People Under the Stairs remake, along with trailers galore for The Sacrifice Game, The Wait, Founders Day, and a selection of upcoming holiday horror in the Christmas Corner. Plus, Julie and Nick discuss their favorite Thanksgiving dinner menu items.