Stacey Finney guest interviews Dallas Cantland, drummer of the punk band Thorazine. Listen in to hear how a young African-American male born to a Southern Baptist mother and Jehovah Witness father finds his way into the Philly punk scene. Dallas talks about growing up black in Philadelphia and the experiences that influenced him most in shaping who he is today. You will also learn about the soda sock of the Pantry Pride variety and other escapades that Dallas shares about his youth. Dallas speaks candidly about being one of the few black youths involved in punk and what that felt like for him growing up as well as his current observations looking back on those times. Included in this interview are two other Thorazine members, Elliot Taylor (guitar) and Dan Hoover (bass) who chime in at various parts of the interview, giving their perspectives on some of the topics discussed. Thorazine are a well known punk band that toured across the United States and Canada throughout the 1990s. They have recently re-formed, playing shows and writing new music.

Side note: If you would like to hear more details about the band’s history, please listen to Jo-Ann Rogan’s interview. As the lead singer of Thorazine, Jo-Ann gives a fully-detailed account of the band’s incarnations, touring stories, and the story of their time playing in the ’90s.

Photos by Stacey Finney





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