LOUD! FAST! PHILLY! Bonus Episode: WE ARE THE CLASH Live Event

In this bonus episode, Joseph A. Gervasi interviews Mark Andersen and Ralph Heibutzki, co-authors of the new book, We Are The Clash (Akashic Books, 2018). The episode begins with a short interview that took place before a live event at Brickbat Books in Philadelphia and is followed by the audio of the event itself (in its entirety). The live event was moderated by Frank Blank Moriarty. Both Mark Andersen (of Positive Force DC and We Are Family) and Frank Blank Moriarty (of ’80s Philly punk band Informed Sources) have had full interviews as part of the LOUD! FAST! PHILLY! project.

Special thanks to Frank for audio assistance and for his deft interviewing skills at the live event.

All photos by Karen Kirchhoff

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