Greetings, and welcome back to Horror Business. We have one awesome episode in store for you guys because we’re talking 2005’s Noroi: The Curse and 2015’s Savageland

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We start by talking about some of the stuff involving horror recently. We talk about the recent film Barbarian, a film we both greatly enjoyed. Liam talks about participating in the live Twitch fundraiser event “Hellraiser-raiser”. He also talks about attending the upcoming Cryptacon in Minneapolis. Justin talks about seeing the film The Invitation in theatres that pales in comparison to the identically named 2015 film, the film The Watcher, as well as the upcoming Shudder original Deadstream, the new Shudder original Saloum.

We start with Noroi: The Curse. We give a summary of the film and discuss some of the more upsetting parts of the film.

Justin talks about how efficiently and insidiously the film connected all the seemingly unconnected parts and how upsetting it was watching a horrific greater picture emerge.

We talk about how the film cleverly and effectively avoids all the tropes of found footage films.

We discuss the fatalistic element of the film, and the strange horrifically absurd nature of the film that defies any attempt at explanation.

Up next is Savageland.  We give a summary of the film, and Justin talks about how the movie made him feel genuinely unsafe and that it’s a perfect example of the “found footage/mockumentary” horror film. We talk about the nature of the threat of the film (vampires vs. zombies) and the few elements of the film that we felt didn’t entirely work.

We discuss the way the film kind of re-invents the found footage approach by using still photographs that were shot on the night of the massacre. We talk about the stinger at the end that shouldn’t have worked but absolutely did, and briefly discuss the nature of whatever turns people into whatever attacked that night.

We talk about how the film answers the question of “why is this being filmed?” that must be asked of every found footage film.

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