Greetings, and welcome back to Horror Business. We have one awesome episode in store for you guys because we’re talking 1974’s Let Sleeping Corpses Lie and 1980’s Nightmare City.

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We start by talking about some of the stuff involving horror recently. Liam talks about a recent screening of The Seventh Curse at The Brewed Coffeeshop in Chicago and the accompanying limited-edition shirt he did with Rough Cut for it as well as the newer horror film The Watcher. Justin talks about watching Phil Tippett’s Mad God on Shudder, as well as the film Revealer. He also talks about some of the films he saw at the 2022 Chattanooga Film Fest (you can read his reviews at as well as The Black Phone.

We start with Let Sleeping Corpses Lie. We begin by talking about how impressive it is in how “ahead of the curve” it is when it comes to zombie films in Europe as it proceeds Romero’s Dawn Of The Dead by four years and cannot be written off as just another film trying to ride Romero’s coattails. Justin talks about how it presents an interesting reason the dead are returning to life, and Liam talks about how the film feels like a bridge between Night and Dawn.

We talk about how the film actually has quite a bit in common with The Crazies as well. We discuss how the film has a very “British” feel to it beyond the filming location, despite being a Spanish-Italian production.

Liam talks about how the film has a very haunting feel to it and the ending is cruel but satisfying.

Justin discusses how the film has a touch of folk horror to it due to the protagonist being a cosmopolitan outsider in rural England, and how he feels entirely foreign in his own country simply because he’s in a different part of it.

Justin brings up how the movie is criminally underrated despite being from the same time period as some of the classic zombie films. Liam talks about how the film has a touch of the “fear of hippies” that films from that time period had.

Up next is Nightmare City. Justin talks about his personal history of the film when he purchased it with City Of The Living Dead and Hell Of The Living Dead and how back in the early aughts it was marketed as the first “running zombie” film, although Liam points out the creatures are more akin to vampires than they are to zombies.

Justin talks about how the film has more in common with Crossed and The Sadness than it does with a film like 28 Days Later. We discuss how, unlike our previous film, this one doesn’t really bother with building atmosphere and how director Umberto Lenzi was displeased with Hugo Stieglitz’s performance in this film.

Liam talks about how the movie has little, if any, regard for any kind of “rules”. Justin talks about how much he dislikes the ending and how he thinks it keeps the film from being truly great. Liam talks about how the true horror of the film is the concept of society falling apart simply from a momentary lapse in attention and some creeping horror taking advantage of that. We also talk about how the film is particularly relevant in a post 1/6/21 world.

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