Greetings, and welcome back to Horror Business. We have one awesome episode in store for you guys because we’re talking about two classic part twos with Philadelphia hardcore stalwart and fellow Prince superfan Chris Striegel: Ghoulies II and Pumpkindhead II: Blood Wings.

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We start by talking about some of the stuff involving horror recently. Chris talks about finally diving into the television show Supernatural. Liam talks about his new column Out Of The Box and the Netflix series Voyeur, as well as the Mignola-verse series Sir Edward Gray: Witchfinder. Justin talks about the Epix series From, the film Take Back The Night, as well as starting the anime series Attack On Titan.

We start with Ghoulies II. We talk about how not only this film superior to the first film is, but also the peculiar phenomenon of how when most people think of Ghoulies, they’re thinking of the second film as opposed to the first. We discuss how the second film seems like a more natural plot for a film about tiny demon monsters, as opposed to the first one where it feels like the Ghoulies themselves were shoehorned into a film more about goofy Satanic rites.

We talk about how, while the film is by no means a good film, it’s incredibly fun to watch. We briefly talk about how despite Charles Band being mostly known for Full Moon pictures, most of the movies people think of his are when he ran Empire Pictures, and the subsequent controversy around the failed documentary on Empire in which the director just took the funds and disappeared.

We briefly talk about the semi-problematic scene in which the larger predatory Ghoulie that is summoned at the end to eat the smaller ghoulies goes after celebrated little person actor Phil Fondacaro. We discuss the rather ‘80s phenomenon of films going after bosses without criticizing capitalism as a whole.

We talk about the infamous poster for the original film featuring a Ghoulie in a toilet that never happened in said film but made Charles Band insist on having a Ghoulie in a toilet scene in the second film.

Up next is Pumpkinhead II: Blood Wings. We discuss Liam’s distaste for the original film and how the sequel is undeniably a cheap cash in.

We talk about how this film, unlike the first film we discussed, isn’t even a fun film to watch despite having a stacked cast, and how that partially comes from how seriously the film takes itself despite being actual garbage. We talk about the film doesn’t utilize a classic method of practical effects in the ‘80s when it comes to horror films: don’t show too much and when you do show it in poor lighting to hide the seams.

We also talk about how the film tosses out the mythos laid down in the first film and then doesn’t really discuss any sort of new mythos, and furthermore doesn’t really embrace any of the themes from the first film. We talk about the sickeningly ‘90s aesthetic of the film.

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