Feeling like we’re doing something important and meaningful is a cornerstone of helping work. Feeling as though we are completely aligned with our mission, and are carrying it out everyday, is the hallmark of a personal calling. In this episode I talk with Nicole Bixler, an innovative  helping professional who started her own nonprofit in Philadelphia to fill the holes she saw in services being provided to sex workers and substance users in the area.

Nicole Bixler is a Licensed Clinical Alcohol and Drug Counselor and Licensed Social Worker who began her career in 2011. Nicole is a huge supporter of Harm Reduction and founded her non profit Operation in My Back Yard (OPIMBY) in 2017. The name was chosen to challenge NIMBY (Not in My Back Yard) mentality since Bixler is a firm believer in supporting all humans regardless of their lifestyle. OPIMBY is a syringe access program in Philadelphia providing safer injection, smoking, snorting and sex work supplies to the most vulnerable groups in the city. OPIMBY also provides meals and scholarships for sober living if people ask for assistance. Basic wound care is provided by OPIMBY as well as education of safer use practices and free Narcan. Bixler currently works as an Executive Director of a medication assisted recovery program in Pennsylvania that provides methadone and Suboxone services as well as counseling and case management.


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