The Evil Eye is a podcast about goth movies. What exactly is a goth movie? Film writers Samm Deighan and Robert Skvarla are two old goths determined to answer that age old question by exploring various genres including horror, melodrama, and film noir. Each episode will dissect a film that fits the goth aesthetic and explore the music and culture in the year that film was released.

Mirror mirror on the wall, what is the gothest movie of them all? Could it be… a movie titled Mirror, Mirror? The 1990 horror film is about a young goth girl named Megan who moves from Los Angeles to the boonies after the death of her father. She encounters mean girls, evil shirtless boyfriends, and a horny, possessed mirror, as one does in situations like this. Does Megan overcome the mean girls and prove goths take shit from no one, and more importantly, does she hook up with the mirror? Listen to find out!

Music Clips:
Love & Rockets – “Mirror People” (off Earth, Sun, Moon)
Skinny Puppy – “Spasmolytic” (off Too Dark Park)
Samhain – “Trouble” (off Final Descent)
Black Mare – “Death by Desire” (off Death Magick Mother)

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