Welcome to Episode 20!!!!


In this episode we finally get to a great interview Liam did with Joe Goldman of CODE ORANGE. Liam is of the opinion that CODE ORANGE is one of the sickest bands in hardcore today, and it was great of Joe to sit down and talk especially right before a show. Goldman is a LONG time comic nerd, which shows in the interview. If CODE ORANGE is not your speed, you may prefer his other band ADVENTURES. Give them both a shot! Joe and Liam talked mostly about Comic Book movies that are NOT super hero movies. Hope you enjoy!

There is an intro that was meant to be 15 minute which is actually 40 because of course it is. That is just who we are. This interview sat for awhile, and part of that was making sure the sound worked, which it mostly did. The other thing though, to be honest, is that Liam hates interviews he does without Josh. He is just not as charismatic or fun to talk to as Josh, so he was a little worried this was not so good. Josh gave his thumbs up though so here we are. The intro though is almost as long a normal episode. Sorry about that.

We also owe a big thanks to Federal Donuts for the hook up. They have been super cool sponsors, and we will hype them forever because why shouldn;t we? Great company!! Check back with us soon for our CHRISTMAS SPECIAL EPISODE!! Check out CODE ORANGE, and eat some donuts.

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