HAIL AND WELL MET PUNKERS! We have returned for yet another uproarious episode of your favorite film and punk related podcast, CINEPUNX! On this magical episode, we begin a journey with a filmmaker who we are both largely unfamiliar with, Gus Van Sant! We spend some time discussing the films we know and the ones we don’t, but most of this episode we focus on two of his early films Drugstore Cowboy and My Own Private Idaho!

Our opening song for this episode is the B-52s and our break song is the band Fucked Up! Check both of them out and thanks to them as well.

We reference a lot of things in WACK AND ON TRACK, and I am reminded yet again that we need a producer to make note of them and put helpful links here. I will link you Josh’s band Crossed Keys who have a bunch of shows coming up.

I spoke briefly about the film The Ranger and while I had gripes with it, it is still worth checking out.

I can’t remember what else, but if you have any questions or concerns, email us or maybe hit us on social media!

Thanks to LVAC for being our official sponsors, and bigger thanks you all of YOU who support us on Patreon. We are currently cooking up some exclusive content for y’all very soon.

Hey, one last note:


What makes our explosion of Halloween content anything close to manageable is guest contributors. Wanna be one of those? Then get at us! cinepunx at gmail dot com

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