CINEPUNX Episode 71: Grady Hendrix talks PAPERBACKS FROM HELL


Hey friends, and welcome to a brand spanking new Cinepunx episode. On this unique episode we sat down with Grady Hendrix!  

We spent most of the episode discussing his new book PAPERBACKS FROM HELL!

Of course, by “we” I don’t mean Josh and I because, unfortunately, Josh could not join us! No worries, CINEPUNX veterans Evan Vellela and Joseph Gervasi were able to sit in and make the episode awesome.

Not much to talk about here, not only is the episode self explanatory I also recorded an introduction to cover stuff I forgot like mentioning our sponsor, LEHIGH VALLEY APPAREL CREATIONS!

Our intro music, as chosen by Grady, is THE DICKIES! If you would, go see Grady live! His tour dates are here! 

Huge thanks to Joseph and Evan. Make sure to support Joseph’s project LOUD! FAST! PHILLY! as well as get all your home video needs at Diabolik!

Thanks to Grady for being an exceptional guest, and to all of your for your support!

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