On this latest exciting entry into the Cinepunx saga we talk recent films, new programs, and our own lives! It’s great!

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Hey, thanks for checking out another episode of the Earth’s Mightiest (film related, punk entrenched, and POC produced) Podcast! First off, this episode was recorded 2/2 in the morning, before the world learned of the untimely passing of Jon Bunch.  SENSEFIELD was a very important band to me growing up, and I continued to follow is career later as well. I did not know Jon, but many folks I am friends with did and remarked that he was as pleasant a human as we was a truly impressive vocalist. Hearing about his passing inspired me to being the episode with a SENSEFIELD song, which I know is paltry tribute to such a great man, but that is what I got.

This episode we discussed some films we have seen recently, talked about some support and messages we have received of late, and then spent some time sharing development both in our personal life and on Cinepunx.com.  It would be worth it for me to write a long and in depth show notes piece, much like Justin Lore does for our magical sister show Horror Business, but as I say on the show, I find audio editing just really draining, so instead here are some significant links:

This is Justin Gray who designed our new shirts

This is a new film we discuss which has Pat Healy in it

Videogram is super cool, and you can hear some of Magnus’ music during the episode

Joseph A. Gervasi does a LOT of stuff like




Finally, thanks again to the awesome AMALGAM COFFEE &COMICS SHOP for being great hosts and so awesome

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Ok so lots of links, lots of new writing

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