It’s Halloween! That means it’s time for another mix of novelty horror songs. This year I decided to broaden my focus from vampires to oddities across the spooky spectrum. You can expect over an hour of disco, prog, and electro songs about ghosts and devils and even the Creature from the Freak Lagoon. Consider this a monster mash-up!


Download: themonstermashup


Le Streghe – “Lucifer and the Witch (Overture)” (Italy, 1979)
The Diabolic Soul Intervention – “Mephisto” (Italy, 1977)
The Mystery Kindaichi Band – “Temari (Song of the Devil)” (Japan, 1977, from The Adventures of Kohsuke Kindaichi)
Ennio Morricone – “Magic and Ecstasy” (USA, 1977, from Exorcist II: The Heretic)
Libra – “The Shock” (Italy, 1979, from Shock)
Sweet Exorcist – “Soul Nessie, the Creature from the Freak Lagoon” (Japan, 1977)
Lalo Schifrin – “Amityville Frenzy” (USA, 1979, from The Amityville Horror)
Chromium – “Haunted Disco” (UK, 1979)
Cherries – “Devil Disco” (Germany, 1978)
The Girl Scouts – “I Don’t Want to Be a Zombie” (USA, 1982)
Harry Manfredini – “Theme from Friday the 13th Part III” (USA, 1982, from Friday the 13th Part III)
Tom Rodhe – “Devil” (Europe, 1982)
Paul Zaza & Carl Zittrer – “Love Me Till I Die” (USA, 1980, from Prom Night)
Sweet Pea Atkinson – “Dance or Die!” (USA, 1982)
Yvonne Gage – “Doin’ It In a Haunted House” (USA, 1984)