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Cinema Smorgasbord – Eric Roberts is the Man – Rock Story (2015)

We love to ROCK on Eric Roberts is the (CENSORED) Man, so we were awfully excited to check out 2015’s ROCK STORY which is all about a lawyer who dreams about becoming a rock star. It also features Three’s Company’s Joyce DeWitt, Gilbert Gottfried, murder, awful (awful) music, patriotism, and – of course – Eric Roberts as sleazy agent Andy Granite. We’re joined on this episode by Splathouse’s Mike Delaney, and we chat about the craft of acting, parenting styles, dancing with the stars and SO MUCH MORE. CHECK IT OUT!

Uniform’s The Long Walk: On Confronting the Horrors of the Modern World

The Long Walk is a record that deals directly with the horrors of organized religion and the modern world by using horror as its primary frame of reference. Songs draw inspiration from Clive Barker stories — “Inhuman Condition” — and horror films — “Alone in the Dark,” “Headless Eyes” — as a way of coping with the existential terror churches wreak on their followers.