This week we’re bringing you a not-so-lost episode that was recorded a few months ago. It features Name Taken’s Hold On & 1993’s action-thriller Cliffhanger. We start off with Joey talking about Green Day a little too much and Tyler sneezing A LOT (don’t worry). It’s righteously awesome, rocktastic as a matter of fact… rockin out… We also accidentally hint at our next episode coming in two weeks. The album is met with mixed reviewers from our Whiners and Mike accidentally starts the war on anime. We later play one of the most challenging games of IMDB tags. I would also like to apologize for all of our Stallone impressions. Thanks for holding on!


Please note that the next LVAC wrestling event that we plug, that coincidentally was supposed to happen on the same day this episode releases, has been canceled. Go buy some shirts from them!


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