It’s been almost exactly a year, but the time is finally nigh to return to one of our favorite topics here at Twitch of the Death Nerve: Hong Kong CAT-III films. In the latest episode, Charles, Jon, and Samm discuss Danny Lee and Billy Tang’s horror masterpiece, Dr. Lamb (1992), which has recently had a long overdue restoration and blu-ray release. The film stars Simon Yam as a disturbed young taxi driver (based on a real-life serial killer) who can’t resist slaughtering his female fares when it rains.

Dr. Lamb is really one of the greatest CAT-III horror films, in part because of Simon Yam’s incredible performance. We discuss his iconic and quite varied career, focusing on some of his other key films like Twist (1995), which Danny Lee also directed. We talk about Lee’s work as a director and important related CAT-III films like Taxi Hunter (1993), but also dive into serial killer pathology.

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