Greetings, Tomb Believers!

June is upon us, and as we have promised (threatened?) for the last several episodes we are spending the summer covering the 1988-89 Marvel event INFERNO! We’re starting at the very top with  several issues that serve as something of a prelude to the event proper. This week we are discussing:

        • UNCANNY X-MEN vol. 1 #239
        • X-FACTOR vol. 1 #33-35

While this epic event spans a broad spectrum of the Marvel Universe, it is first and foremost an X-Men story arc. Since neither Trey nor James are exactly well-versed in that corner of Marvel, they’ve called in an X-pert. We are thrilled to be joined by Chad Anderson of the fantastic Graymalkin Lane podcast, who graciously provides both the continuity and social/cultural contexts we need to properly kick off this miniseries.

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